Adventures Be Made

June 6, 2012

NYCBBP 012 JJV_8093
It was about the seventh hour on the train, legs cramping, I looked over to my right and I saw Zarina intensely looking out the window gazing at the hills. The look in her eyes totally reminded me of every single first travel adventure that I have been on. Without words exchanged she inspired me. Inspired me to create adventures, no matter how large or small it is completely up to us to create them. After about five minutes I decided to speak to Zarina and ask her if she would allow me to take a photo of her. To her slight surprise and uncomfortableness, I explained that I was a photographer and would love to take a portrait of her. Luckily she agreed and it began. As the train quickly whipped through the northern part of New York the setting sun blasted through the train cart and the warm sun flickered in my lens. After I got my shot I thanked Zarina and said good luck on her professional medical journey in NYC. To Penn Station I went and the NYC adventure began.

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