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(Blue) Brunches

September 11, 2016

I am back?

It’s been an interesting past couple of months. I read back to my last post and realized how much time has passed since I’ve last written an entry. With full intent on writing again, sometimes life just throws these things at you and you have to figure out how to navigate with or around it.

At the beginning of the year I injured my leg. This pretty much kept me off my feet for a solid two-three months. I’ve had injuries before, but this was different, it was the first that has kept me off my feet for an extended period of time. Essentially forcing me to completely slow down (stay in bed) and re-evaluate all the things that were going on in my life. Where I was focusing, what was on my mind, and who was around me.  A lot of (re)growth.

I suppose after being away for so long, I asked myself how do I want to come back. In the past two years, directions have been headed in the right way, but I hope to start unravelling some of the lessons that life throws at me. Here’s hoping that I can somehow combine this with photography and acupuncture.

We live in a world that values productivity. We focus on whats happening next, how to get ahead, and tick that thing off of our list. Making it very easy to loose focus on things that bring joy to our lives. I am completely “guilty” of this and I am making lesson one.

Make time to have (unapologetically) fun.

Here are some snaps of my time with friends at Wayhome festival this summer after our final brunch. The first time being back on my feet and feeling “not guilty” for doing something for myself.  Thanks for being good sports friends and sneaking into the ally way with me.  See that blue wall looks a lot more interesting in pictures than in real life.

wayhome-45-dsc02326 wayhome-46-dsc02306

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