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July 9, 2013



I have always liked to keep busy photographing, working in the community, or on my DIY projects, I love to keep busy. The concept of being at a cottage for a week and “doing nothing” freaked me out. I am definitely a newbie cottage goer and I have to say I did have my reservations. The thought of going stir crazy by not being pre-occupied definitely crossed my mind. However, digging deep I went with open arms and no major expectations. I mean really, how bad can “hanging out” be right? Hanging out without internet, another story. No Instagram, Twitter, or blogging?? What’s a person to do? The lack of internet was a blessing in disguise, it forced me to get outside and forget about my connected electronics, so much I wish I had taken more pictures. I did however manage to snap a shot of my friends baby girl Emily and the lakeside view of our cottage! For a split second, during Toronto’s blackout today, I enjoyed the quiet and reminisced about the cottage. Now only three days back into reality, I am craving jumping off of docks, fishing, being lazy and surrounded by good people. None the less, I am happy to be back, in familiar territory, refreshed and ready to go. I am working on some new client edits, so you can look out for some new wedding and cake smash photos in the coming weeks. Keep you all posted.

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