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August 26, 2012


I am way behind on blogging yet today I spent the better half of the morning creating a new format for this blog. What some might think a monotonous task, I can spend hours and hours tinkering with the template to make it just right for me. I am loving this new format! Perhaps I should have been a web designer – as if I need more to the list.

All coding aside, I was revisiting some photos from my LA family’s trip out to Toronto. As Toronto exports there was tons of reminiscing, visiting old stomping grounds and as always lots of west coast smiles and chillness. As I was going through the “film” I realized how much fun it must have been for my aunt to see her first apartment in Toronto. I can only imagine what it will be like for me 20 years from now visiting some of the first places I had lived. Then I started to realize what formative pieces these place have made for her in her life. All the memories, lessons and stories! As easy as it is to get stuck in the past, dwelling on our mistakes, sometimes we just need to let things go and move on. More about recognizing that our past has made us today; accept that for that and live your now.

Live out your imagination, not your history. Steven Covey

My aunt, perfect example. Always laughing! To my LA family, I love y’all.

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