My Greenish Jacket and Nice People.

January 24, 2013

So you might be wondering why the heck am I posting about my new jacket. Yeah, this isn’t a fashion blog. Or can it be? I suppose it can be whatever I want it to be considering the repackaging. After shooting product shots for Cazzette last week I was inspired like all the other fashion Tumblr’s I follow to take some of my own photos. Ok, last plug before I get into it, here is my tumblr, Tailored Goods.



I bought this jacket at a local French Connection about a month ago. I absolutely loved the grunge look about it and I suppose with all this camo-inspired clothing it was as close as I wanted to get. I was out at a movie and I went to grab my keys in the deep pockets and the jacket pockets ripped. Unfortunate, but I wasn’t overly upset considering it was my second or third time wearing the piece. I made a visit to the same store and after my sob story the sales associate was ready to help. She offered me a new jacket and an additional discount (large) to cover some reinforcements that I wanted to add to the pocket plus the new sale price. I didn’t ask for anything, she simply offered the best customer care she could have. I would have been happy with a simple repair but this sales associate went over and above. I thanked her for her stellar customer service and quiet honestly it totally made my day! Unlike some of my most recent transactions with Robbers Wireless it was a nice change to have both a company and sales representative that really put their customer first. Not only was this great customer care the sales associate made the whole transaction pleasant and something that completely caught me off guard and put a smile on my face. Thank you! I wonder if we have the levels of customer service been decomposing over the years and this is really what customer service should be.

Be that person, put a smile on a persons face. I will do my best to follow suit!

JJV_1173 JJV_1168JJV_1166


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