Twists and Knots

May 25, 2013



For the past week the family has been entertaining our German guests. Childhood friends of my mother we were able to tap into a bit of the German experience while showing them around the Toronto area. Plain and simply peoples lives fascinate me, the twist and turns, the ups and down, the expectedly unexpected, all of it intrigues me. I suppose part of this fascination is in most part due to what is preconceived as “normal.” Now I state this lightly, the word “normal” has a certain amount of ambiguity and I always tread lightly when using this word. But to simplify, the normality of what one’s current life may not be the best reflection of whom they were twenty years back. Life isn’t always a straight line, it’s really just a bunch of twists and knots. So even though one’s current life might look like that normal, the road there may not be exactly what you thought it would be. It’s this part of knowing people that fascinates me, hearing about their knots and how they navigated their twists.

Here is a portrait of our international guest, it was a pleasure meeting them and I thank them for sharing that bit piece of international flavour to reignite my travel flame. Laughs are contagious.

Everyone has a history. It’s what makes us who we are; create your history.


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