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February 4, 2016


It’s been a while.

Am I still doing photography?  Yes!

The past two years have been a bit of a transition.  While continuing to photograph events and collaborate with amazing people and organizations I have transitioned into a whole new realm.

The amazing part about being a photographer is it has given me a completely different lens on how I am approaching this new path.  As a photographer I am in a very fortunate position to help capture important images for my clients.  The key word here is being able to help capture these events. Working very closely with them, noting all the details, timing everything correctly are all things of familarity.  Similarly to my new path as an acupuncturist I am hoping to achieve similar things by helping to improve my clients health and wellness.

The amazing part about starting a new adventure is coming out on the other end and being able to see things with a bit more clarity.  The more powerful part of all of this are the insights that you gain by sifting through the ambiguity of the journey.  I’ll be posting more on this new journey and also start updating more work with my amazing clients.

So here is what to expect, more posts, more topics. Now it’s time to start writing.

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